The testimony of James Richwalsky

by James Richwalsky


Before I knew Christ as my Lord and Savior my life was focused on myself. I had little to no faith. I clung to the friends I could party with and I lied to make things seem better than they were...

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The testimony of Gio Marchena

by Gio Marchena


As a boy born to parents both from the Dominican Republic, finding myself on a baseball field in Miami, Florida with a glove or bat in hand was not an unbelievable sight. Games on Saturdays at the local park quickly turned into weekends spent traveling states away for tournaments. After some time, putting on a Division I baseball uniform became the only thing that mattered.

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Backpacking as liturgy

by Scott Slucher


God is in all things because he has made everything. And in the backpacking trips that I plan for me and my friends, God dwells in the love I have for those experiences and the love I have for my hiking companions...

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Making the impossible possible

by Amy Simpson


This is the third and final meditation on the painting, a Lenten triptych, which has hung in the hallway leading into the auditorium since Ash Wednesday. This week, each of the three paintings has been removed, where they will be finished by Kristin Kremer for Easter Sunday. The middle panel, a depiction of the day of Pentecost (pictured below), is represented by the strong winds and tongues of flame which rested on Christ's followers who were gathered together in Jerusalem. This meditation uses that event as a jumping-off place for self-examination. We hope it will be helpful for you in your time with the Lord.

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Long exhale

by Briahna Michalsky


I am not quite certain of the dictionary definition of ‘betrayal’, but I know its sudden, piercing jab, the subsequent dizziness, the questioning of reality and the slow, continuous after-burn. My God, My God, why are you so long in answering me, so far from helping me? The floods sweep over me. There is none to help.

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