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Interested in pursuing full-time vocational ministry—either in the church or at a non-profit? Our internship program will put you side by side with the Sojourn staff to develop and hone your leadership, relational, and ministry skills. Partner with us and get hands-on experience. 


  • To identify, train, and invest in leaders with potential and a desire for full time ministry.
  • To develop leadership gifts, skills, and ministry experience through staff relationships and hands-on work.
  • To have interns serve the staff and ministry programs to which they are assigned and meaningfully contribute to the existing work of our growing church.
  • To reach more people with the mission of the church by supporting, training, and offering opportunities to gifted and hungry leaders.
  • To be a pipeline for future staff in the local church network and beyond.
  • To help interns discern a call and desire for full time ministry work.
  • Be a member or member in process at Sojourn East.
  • Participate in and attend all intern trainings, meetings, and retreats for the duration of the program.
  • Demonstrate a healthy, growing relationship with Christ and demonstrate a lifestyle above reproach.
  • Be a team player by engaging with existing staff, fellow interns, and people served.
  • Demonstrate a teachable heart and willing spirit to grow, learn, work hard, and take initiative.
  • Spend 10-15 hours per week on training assignments, meetings, relationships, and programming.
General responsibilities:
  • Fully participate in the intern trainings by attending:
    • Training meetings with your department staff (1-2 per month)
    • Training meetings with entire intern cohort (1-2 per month)
    • East staff gatherings, trainings, and social functions (1 per quarter)
    • Training retreats or events (1 per semester)
  • Accomplish assignments, projects, and responsibilites on time, with excellence.
  • Meaningfully contribute to the specific ministry program, fellow staff and interns, and the people of Sojourn East.

  • All interns are expected to raise $400/month of personal support, which will be matched by Sojourn totaling $800/month.
  • All funds should be raised or pledged by the intern’s start date.
  • Interns should have ongoing communication with donors.

Program runs August 1-May 30

  • April 1-May 15: application process open
  • May 15-June 15: interviews and hires
  • July: fundraising training and active fundraising
  • August 1: first day 
  • May 30: last day

Internship Opportunities

with Seth Michels

The high school students internship will serve the students of Sojourn East. The intern will:

  • Actively pursue students and spend meaningful time with them on a regular basis.
  • Attend weekly gatherings that are fun, engaging, socially productive, inclusive to outsiders or non-believers and biblically informed.
  • Serve the staff and ministry programs to which they are assigned and meaningfully contribute to the existing work of our growing church.
  • Participate in unique hangouts, social events and adventures to foster friendships and Christian community.
  • Have a high investment in leaders to ensure health, excellence and a strong sense mission-community.

with Nora Allison

The women's ministry internship will serve the women of Sojourn East. The intern will be involved in:

  • Spending time with leaders, sharing vision, providing opportunities for service and giving feedback for growth.
  • Women’s Bible Study (am & pm), helping women know God better, understand and live out his Word, and training teachers, small group facilitators and MC’s.
  • Mentor/Discipleship Groups meeting monthly, composed of 2 “older” women and a small group of younger women.
  • Teacher Development Training, a 4-week yearly class whose purpose is to train women to study and teach God’s Word.
  • Large Women’s Events, 2-3 times yearly, to foster relationships, assimilate those new to East, build community, and provide learning opportunities for all women.
  • Personal meetings between Women’s Deacons and interested women in the church to get to know them and help involve them into the life of the church.
  • East Women’s Facebook Page to help women get to know one another, connect, and share joys and burdens.

with Moe Clark

The community life internship will serve the church by:

  • Meeting with members and helping connect them to community
  • Training and equipping leaders
  • Communicating regularly with leaders and coaches
  • Handling admin upkeep

with Hilary Noltemeyer

The Mercy ministry supports the overall mission of Sojourn East by providing opportunities to release our people into our city to build relationships and serve.

  • Windy Hills Outreach
  • Affordable Christmas
  • Spanish Speaking Outreach
  • Chestnut Street Family YMCA partnership
  • Mercy Deacon & Team Development

with Sam Yong

The worship ministry internship will serve alongside the worship leader. Goals of the worship ministry internship are to:

  • Prepare young worship leaders for future ministry by providing a training ground in their local church.
  • Grow interns’ practical and cognitive skillset as it pertains to worship ministry in the church, and a Christ centered worship experience.
  • Provide interns with a safe space to learn, fellowship, fail, and try again.
  • Walk with interns in their faith journey and provide council, feedback, and opportunities to serve and be served.

with Scott Slucher

The communication and production internship will serve the church by assisting the communication manager with:

  • Copywriting
  • Project management
  • Social media management (we use Hootsuite)
  • Production of Sunday services
  • Announcements & updates of church news and events
  • Support services for events (signage, collateral, multi-media, etc.)
  • Production & publication of Hold Fast, our weekly zine

  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus (especially PhotoShop. Canva will do, in a pinch)

with Maggie Tait

The kids and families internship will be focused on Sojourn Kids, our children's ministry. The intern will serve the church by assisting with:

  • Sunday morning classroom preparation and discipleship
  • Parent resources (take home cards, videos, devotionals, baptism class)
  • Connection nights (Movie nights, Sojourn45 events, Kid’s Night Out, Family nights)
  • Summer events (Vacation Bible School, Sojourn45 summer camp)

with Bryan Lopina

The executive pastor internship will be focused on development in organizational leadership in the church. The intern will serve the church alongside the executive pastor by helping to:

  • Execute ministry specific or church wide projects and events
  • Create processes for the health of the church ministries
  • Develop the annual strategic plan and budget
  • Perform various administrative and organizational tasks
with Pastor Jonathan Pennington

The research internship will serve the church by assisting Pastor Jonathan and Pastor Kevin:

  • Producing resource packets for our sermon series
  • Conducting research for various writing and teaching projects

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